Men's Cowhide Knee High Boots

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These leather soled Knee High Boots are made of high quality tumbled cowhide for extra durability.
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The handcrafted construction and quality of leather make our kneeboots some of the finest to be found! These authentic Knee High Boots use over 12 square feet of high quality tumbled cowhide for extra durability.

This full grain cowhide is specially tanned and tumbled to provide flexibility. Between your feet and the ground there are three layers of thick cowhide and a Poron cushion insole between the leather layers. The canoe sole on the outside is thick cowhide leather for added wear.

 The boots have a gusseted tongue, a fully laced front, and generous calf size. Height is approximately 17". Style 1740 has a plain, fringeless top.

These leather-soled Knee High Boots are ideal for outdoor activities on natural surfaces.  For more rugged terrain or street use, we recommend our Knee High Boots with rubber soles (Style #1740-CS).

For people who want all natural moccasin boots, request in the Order Notes that the synthetic Poron cushion insoles be left out.  We will replace the Poron insoles with leather insoles.  The fit may be a little roomier, so please take this into consideration.

Footskins are completely made in the USA of American leathers. Because they are handcrafted with much attention given to detail, you can be assured of the high quality of our footwear.
Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed. Try a pair, and "You will know!"

From a California customer:
"Received your cowhide knee boots (style #1740) a few days ago.  Good fit.  Just in time for the cool autumn weather.  Have worn them indoors and out.  These are the most comfortable moccasins I've had.  Your cowhide is very sturdy but flexible.  The multi-layer sole works better on hard surfaces than other soft soles do.  (Your sueded "canoe" undersole incidentally is quiet to the point of stealth.) When I was in my early teens, in the late 1960s, a few of the other boys at school wore moccasin boots.  They looked comfortable, but I didn't try them until years later, and then I understood.  Good soft-sole moccasins look comfortable, but are more comfortable even than they look.  If word ever got around how true this is, everyone would wear them!"

From a Michigan customer:

"Hi.  I had ordered a pair of your canoe sole moccasins #440 summer of 2010.  They are great, just what I wanted.  I wanted a pair of your men's knee high boots #1740 for hunting and kept putting it off.  Little did I know, my wife and three kids went together and bought them for my birthday here in Jan.  These boots are awesome, so comfortable, so soft I almost hate to wear them in the woods, but I am -- that's what I wanted them for.  Thanks for a great product that's made in the U.S.A.  Tell the people there THANKS for doing a great job!"

From a Minnesota customer:
"I just received my 1740 Size 12 Kneeboots. They fit and look great!... My main concern with boots like this has always been how they would work on steep hillsides in Minnesota. First thing I did after putting them on was to walk down a very steep embankment. Because my foot could feel the ground, it was no trouble at all. I'm sure the rough texture of the leather on the bottom also helps grip. I very much look forward to adding these to my traditional 1700's style hunting clothing and hitting the woods with my flintlocks in search of area game. Thanks for a great product and I will be back again!"

From a California customer:
"I recently bought a pair of the cow skin knee high boots and love them. I wish I would have ordered a long time ago. I am impressed with the workmanship and quality. All at a reasonable price too. Thank you again."

From a Mississippi customer:
"I received the Knee High Cowhide Boots, over three years ago. I wear them in the Woods, teaching tracking and for Traditional Archery ALOT. These boots are on my feet every weekend. They are amazingly tough, comfortable and very quiet. If you take care of them and keep them oiled they are built to last. 3 years and they are still going strong. Like 'em so much I just ordered the shorter version. Wish could get 3 years out of some of these "Modern" boots. Thank you Footskins for your high quality of work."

From a New York customer:
"Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I could not be happier with these boots [#1740].  They are very well made and comfortable right out of the box.  They took no time to get here and your customer service is second to none.  I wear them everywhere and they are holding up wonderfully.  I will be ordering another pair.  Keep doing what you are doing."



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