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All About Deerskin, Our Cowhide Leather, Our Deertan Leather
And Our Handmade Moccasins

Our moccasins and leather boots are 100% made in the USA.  Each pair of moccasins or boots is handmade using only genuine high grade American deerskin, cowhide leather or deertan leather. Being handmade rather than mass-produced, each pair of leather moccasins is carefully crafted with much attention given to detail.

Deerskin leather is a very special gift of nature. Soft and supple, it is no wonder that the Native Americans used it for their clothing and shoes. Tremendously versatile, it molds and contours to the foot with incredible ease. It is comfortable and rugged – ranking as the third strongest leather available, yet giving a comforting feel to the touch.

At Footskins Handmade Moccasins, we use White Tail deerskins harvested from the great northern woods. The hides are specially vat-dyed so that the color will last and not run off with perspiration or wetness. In our deerskin, some of the stretch is taken out before the footwear is made to prevent them from stretching too much on the feet. This allows the deerskin to comfortably mold to your feet for a natural custom-like fit.

Why Deerskin Leather?
We use two layers of premium deerskin in many of our styles for the ultimate in buttery soft, lightweight, breathable comfort. The softness and flexibility of our deerskin footwear provide a more natural shoe that allows your feet to do the walking rather than just your legs. It moves with your feet and gives where your feet need it to give.

Our deerskin footwear is perfect for "problem" feet--bunions, corns, and other sensitive areas. The softness of our deerskin will readily conform to the shape of each individual's feet. This eliminates the rubbing and irritation during the normal break-in of stiffer leathers. Because of its breathability, deerskin is very comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter. Deerskin stays soft after it has been wet and is easy to care for.

Any styles not stocked in deerskin can be made in deerskin by special order. Call us for details!

Care For Deerskin Footwear

Deerskin is easy to care for. It will stay soft even after repeatedly getting wet and dry. Because of this it is not necessary to treat it with a protection from water. Many leather protectors will darken the leather and/or affect the breathability of the deerskin. We recommend that you test any leather care products first to insure the results that you desire. Most soiled spots can be removed by gently hand washing using a mild soap and water. You should always let the leather dry naturally. For grease spots, apply flour or baby powder and let sit 24 hours to absorb grease before brushing off. Repeat if necessary. When needed, a quality shoe cream can be applied to touch up scuff marks.

Why Cowhide Leather?
In addition to deerskin, we also offer most of our Moccasins and Shoes made in cowhide leather. We have carefully chosen this cowhide so that it maintains the high quality and softness you have come to expect in our footwear. By using high quality Texas steer hides that are specially tanned and tumbled, we have a leather that is thick for extra durability, yet soft and flexible for comfort.

Though deerskin is strong, cowhide is tougher and more resistant to abrasion. Cowhide will be more durable, hold its shape better, give more support and with a little care, look better longer. It will hold up better in rough conditions. Cowhide can be waterproofed and should have a leather conditioner applied from time to time to maintain its softness in harsh conditions.

Care For Cowhide Footwear

Because of the natural oils in the cowhide leather, it is not necessary to apply a finish before initial use.  To protect the leather and extend the life of your footwear, quality leather conditioners may be used as needed.  Some products may darken the leather.  DO NOT use products containing solvents.  If necessary, use a damp cloth to clean.

Why Deertan Leather?

Due to the limited supply of deerskin and its continually increasing costs, we offer deertan leather as an option to fill our customer's needs for durable, soft leather. This cowhide leather is specially tanned to our specifications by an American tannery to be similar to deerskin with the added bonus of being more durable -- and as a result, is easy to care for.

Care For Deertan Footwear

As with deerskin, leather conditioners are not required to keep deertan leather soft; but may be applied for additional protection if desired. DO NOT use products containing solvents.  Also, if needed deertan leather can be kneaded with the hands to soften it up again.  If soiled, use a damp cloth to clean.  





Sequoia, Taupe, Brown, Saddle -- Creme, Saddle, Brown, Gray <<<--- COLORS
(Cowhide and Deerskin leathers also include Black)

Deertan Leather is available in Creme, Saddle, Brown and Black



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